Viel hat sich ja nicht geändert….

…seit 1946: im folgenden ein Zitat des „Arab Office“ : „The Arab Case for Palestine“ submitted to the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry

„The whole Arab people is unalterably exposed to the attempt to impose a Jewish immigration and settlement upon it, and ultimately to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. Its opposition is based primarily on right. The Arabs of Palestine are descendants of the indigenous inhabitants of the country, who have been in occupation of it since the beginning of history; […]

2. In addition to the question of right, the Arabs oppose the claims of political zionism because of the effects which zionist settlement has already had upon their situation and is likely to have to an even greater extent in the future.[…]

First, while the other Arab countries have attained or are near to the attainment of self-government and full membership of the UNO, Palestine ist sill under mandate and has taken no steps toward self government; […]

3. All these evils are due entirely to the presence of Zionist and the support given to them by certain of the Powers; there is no doubt, that had it not been for that, Arab Palestine would now be a self-governing member of the UNO and the Arab League.“

Mental hat sich auf seiten der Araber seit 60 Jahren nicht viel verändert.

Wie kann Europa verlangen, dass Israel in Wort und Tat aggressive Nachbarn  mit Samthandschuhen anfasst?


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